Thursday, February 4, 2010

suburban warfare

We live in a development where all of the houses look the same. Same shapes. Same colors. Same fixtures. Different landscaping. Different lawns. Different expectations.

Our former neighbor in this development started a garden in his back yard, on our property's side. His garden grew and grew and grew and grew and produced alot of awesome vegetables. One little problem. The garden was a major eye sore and created alot of contention and strife in our neighborhood. That was the end of our very short friendship as neighbors.

For the record, I love the idea of a garden!! In fact, that is all I have been thinking about today. Not only is it economical (cucumbers at the grocery this week = $1.18 each!!), but it also will help me to slow down, live in the present, and help the environment. My family eats lots of veggies, so for us, it just makes sense.

I have wanted to plant a garden for the past few summers, but the little "incident" with our former neighbors had me hesitant. But, I don't care what you think of me in 2010. We are very conscientious and obsessive about our yard and beds, so we would be the same with a garden. Right? RIGHT. We will make one Home Owners' Association President proud!

My plan is a 4 x 4 foot or 4 x 6 foot space on the east corner of our house which is in the backyard. (HI MATT! LOVE YOU, TOO!). It will be a raised bed, with 1 x 1 feet sections of vegetables, such as tomatoes, cukes, green and red peppers, onions, carrots, green beans and zucchini. I don't think I will start with seeds because of the hassle, and I honestly don't want a bunch of seedling pots sitting around the house for the next four months. Sometime after May 1, I will go buy some young plants and depending on the last frost, will get moving!

This is what I envision my little garden space to look like.

I am so excited about my new garden, I could spit!

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