Friday, February 5, 2010

my little phil

Isaac has been somewhat obsessed with Webkinz lately. He and his "girl" friend could sit on the phone for hours (on speaker) playing with their virtual pets for hours if we would let them.

So this morning when I noticed Matt emptying Isaac's biggy bank, I figured he was taking it to the money making machine at the grocery store. You know the one... you give them your coins, and they give you bills in return, along with taking some of your money to keep for themselves. From there, I thought Matt would then give that money back to Isaac and he would feed his Webkinz addiction.

Boy, was I wrong. Isaac came up to me and said he was giving every thing he had saved in his piggy bank to the "Help for Haiti" program at his school. They were encouraged to bring their spare change to donate through their classroom.

I am especially touched by this because Isaac didn't have alot... maybe twenty some dollars in coins saved up in his bank. But, he gave it ALL, and it was his idea without any coaxing from me or Matt.

Oh, my little philanthropist... Momma is so proud.

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