Friday, February 5, 2010

Vellalagundam, India

Vellalagundam. This is the village that will house the day care center that "we are building" in India through the India Gospel League (IGL).

Look at this group of sweet little things that will get to use the day care center! They have gathered these children as "the ones" and until the actual day care center is built, they are in a rented facility.

According to IGL, this initiative of the childcare center is part of the overall development process of the community in which these children live - impacting the people through education. The day care center will allow both parents to working, leaving the children under its care. Particularly, the women will get the opportunity to work and older siblings in the families can go to school.

As a result, the literacy rate will go up, school dropouts will go down, child labor will be eradicated, and especially girls' induction in to school will be increased rapidly. IGL hopes to assist in raising a generation that is spiritually strong, morally disciplined, intellectually sound and socially responsible.

Keep checking back for more updates on the day care center! We are pumped!

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