Monday, March 22, 2010

bawk::bawk easter bunny

Our family has a severe, paralyzing aversion to dressed up characters. This has caused us to ruin other families' days at the baseball parks. We have also had to leave Chuck E. Cheese's fine establishment... of course, after dragging petrified, shaking children out from under a booth or two, as they hid from the giant rat. Disneyworld was much fun, as well, with lots of laughs, as you can imagine. Just last weekend, at the KSU gymnastics meet, when my kids spotted Flash, the giant eagle mascot, two of the three cried, while the third one was old enough to remove herself from the venue all together to escape the sight. Half of the family typically misses out on a visit with Santa every year at Nana's house because we are hiding in a closet to avoid the sights and sounds of the jolly ol' man.

With all of this in mind, imagine our surprise this past weekend when Isaac chose to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap at our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.

He did it on his own, meaning without parental involvement, but the curious thing is, he did it in the prescence of a... GIRL.

Then, we made him go back and do it again so we could document the evidence!

Note: No animals or children were harmed.

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