Tuesday, March 23, 2010

good eats

This past weekend, I made gooey, yummy, calorie-packed homemade macaroni and cheese... It was a crockpot meal for Saturday night because we had a relatively crazy schedule that day and I figured everyone could eat at their leisure.

As evening rolled around, only three of us had eaten the macaroni, so we saved the rest for Sunday's leftovers.

On Sunday, the kids and Matt were alone - I was in Vacationland, you know the one - doing a lia sophia show. When I got home and asked how lunch was, Matt giggled, rolled his eyes, and told me I had to check the pictures on the camera.

I guess I shouldn't have put the breadcrumbs on the top... which, truthfully, was done out of spite. Darn kids and their "toppings". The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, you know.

This reminds me of the Old Chinese Proverb:
He with the smallest nose earns the biggest clip.
{ Clearly the best part of this photo is Isaac in the background looking like he is going to vomit. }


  1. So was the mac and cheese good and it just smelled bad?! The idea of it sounds DELISH!! I might want the recipe if your husband thinks it's worthy or passing on :)

  2. It was good, but the kids plug their nose when they prefer to not taste something. I will find the recipe online and pass it along... any homemade macaroni & cheese recipe is delish if you ask me. Nothing like it.