Wednesday, April 14, 2010

cinderella, cinderella

To heck with wordless Wednesday... this is my blog... I will rant if I want to.

A couple weeks ago our dishwasher stopped draining. We hate our dishwasher, which was new just seven short years ago. Matt especially hates it because it is louder than a house full of Mayles on crack and will sometimes run for hours on end never, changing its cycle.

This is what a White dishwasherless-house looks like in the evening. And, hand-washing dishes is my least favorite way to show God's love or to serve my family. Ironing is right up there. No matter what kind of mom or wife you think that makes me. I digress.

The draining problem seems relatively common and easy to fix; however, we did not try to fix it or have it fixed by a professional. We hated our dishwasher just that much.

I reasearched dishwashers for an entire day. I knew exactly what I wanted and then we just had to find it. So, off to Sears we went!

Matt and I found virtually two identical dishwashers - same brand, ALMOST the same features, but they differed by $150.00.  The more expensive one had a stainless tub and adjustable racks... two of the features that I was so excited about. However, Matt was more excited that he could spend $150.00 less for just one less decibel of noise.  And, really... who needs a more sanitary, energy-efficient stainless tub that will actually  DRY the dishes, and when do we ever need to adjust the racks? Puh-lease.

{ "Buy cheap, buy twice." Quote from the Book of Ruth by Ruthann Mayle Ruggiero.}

There we sat, lovingly disagreeing about which one we would buy. The salesman kindly removed himself from the situation and then returned just in time for Matt to annouce we will decide our selection via a coin toss, administered by an eight year old... who was told jokingly, of course, that if I won, his birthday, which was just a couple days away, was off... cancelled...  

I lost my stainless tub and adjustable racks on a coin toss. Actually on the best two out of three coin tosses... it was destiny. Which is what happens when you have threatened to take away the one day of the year that a seven year old has looked forward to for the past 364 days. Pure evil.

Today, we our new teflon coated, non-adjusting dishwasher will be installed. Wouldn't it be special if Matt secretly bought the one with the stainless tub since we did get the energy efficiency rebate that would cover the difference? This is one of those times when you hope that even though you said you didn't want anything for Valentine's Day, he comes home with a new vacuum or something special like that.


  1. he he... giggling... for many reasons

  2. he he... giggling... for many reasons