Thursday, April 8, 2010

young love

Scene: Dinner table with me, Matt, Isaac and the sweet red-headed K.
Background: K has been Isaac's best buddy forever. She is a girl. However, Isaac is crushing (his words) on Olivia.

Me: So, K, what do you think of Isaac and Olivia?
K: What do you mean Isaac and Olivia?
{ giggles ::: giggles }
Me: You know... Isaac's crush...
{ K has this look that Isaac is hers and only hers. }
Matt: Aw, Isaac, are you cheating on Olivia?
{ giggles ::: giggles }
Isaac: No
K: Well, then who you cheatin' on?
{ K then plants a wet one right on his cheek. }

And, there he is, wiping it off with his napkin. Based on his final reaction which you cannot see above in the picture, I can already see that our future will be spent with Isaac running from girls, not knowing what to do with their affection.

It's funny how life has a way of showing you what you missed the first time around. My apologies to all of the boys that I chased.

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