Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Miche Bag - May & June 2010 NEW Shell Releases

I dabble in some direct sales with Miche Bag and lia sophia jewelry... it consumes about one night a week, and it has been an awesome experience for me. It is so fun to see women (and some men!) get excited over accessories... and EXCITED they do get!

The Miche Bag company seems like it is growing faster than it can keep up with, so many times, new shells are released, and then sell out very quickly. However, these MAY NEW RELEASES are in stock and ready to come home to you! Email me for pricing ( sorry, Miche Bag corporate declares it a big no-no to post pricing anywhere online! ) at anne.liasophia@gmail.com.

Brianna (Big Bag) and Jayne (Classic Size)
Wendi (Big Bag) and Erica (Classic Size)

I found the JUNE NEW RELEASES online last week and wanted you to see them... but don't get TOO excited until I know that we will actually see them. Sounds like they will make their debut in late June.

Grace and Abby (both Big Bag)
Alyssa and Mindi (both Classic Size)
Naomi (Classic Size)

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