Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Booker Hookers

Yes, you read that right. Booker hookers. That is what we, awesome lia sophia advisors, call these beautiful pieces of jewelry.

You see, I have all of these pieces on my trays right now to show during my jewelry parties. But, in two very short months, all of these pieces will be retired. :: GASP ::  That means, I can no longer use them during my shows, because they will not be available for purchase through lia sophia after retirement.

But, here is the GREAT news! Anyone who books a show with me can choose any of these items for FREE - that means you get one piece of jewelry valued at $22-100 retail for NOTHING - and you choose what you'd like (first come, first dibs --- I only have one of each to give away!). And, that is for just booking a show with me! You will get your piece on the night of your show. Booker hooker, get it?

On top of getting one of these for free, as a hostess, you also receive 20-40% of show sales in free jewelry, four-(4) items valued at $100 or less for $15 each, plus up to 5 pieces at 50% off. My hostesses typically are spoiled with about 10-15 pieces of jewelry of their choice for around $100-125.

THAT, my friends, is alot of jewelry, just for inviting a few friends over to your home for an hour or so of retail therapy.

Even if you have hosted a show in the past, you can still schedule one for this summer!  It's a new summer, which calls for new jewelry!

Don't live in "my area"? I will travel up to two hours in any direction to do a show, OR you can consider doing a catalog show. You don't need to clean your house or think of what to serve - just pass a catalog or the website link around to all of those you know!

Again, don't wait to schedule your show with me and pick out your FREE retiring piece of jewelry... the "hot" items (i.e. most expensive!) will go fast! Due to some rescheduled parties, I have June 24 and 28 open, along with three dates in July. Let's get yours scheduled TODAY!

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