Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Miche Bag May Releases

They are here! And they are gorgeous! 

You will be able to begin ordering the small, classic new shells on May 7, which is just two days away! Miche has also released a cream base bag, also available on Friday.

I will keep everyone updated via the blog and my Facebook page on the availability of the big bag shells. Hopefully soon! I know I am very anxious for mine!

And finally, I have a new website:
This is Miche's attempt at getting their representatives online, so bear with me as this is rolled out. Orders can be placed online, which is awesome, and they can be shipped directly to you! Only those products that are in stock are available online, so be sure to check back often for out of stock items. Since it is a very new roll out, if you order someone online through my site, be sure to also email me at so that I can ensure your order has gone through.
Erica (Classic Size, Premium Style)

Jayne (Classic Bag, Classic Style)

Wendi (Big Bag, Premium)

Brianna (Big Bag, Classic)

Don't know what this Miche Madness is all about??? Email me to find out!

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