Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nature calls

My office is on the canal in Cuyahoga County, so we get to see much wildlife through out our day. The bald eagle, deer, the blue heron, coyotes, wild turkey, and geese. Oh, and wild cats. Lots and lots of cats.

Geese are a daily occurance, even in the winter, and yesterday a mom and pop brought their new little brood to visit. We have at least three goose families that frequent our sidewalks and use them as their "facilities".

By next week, these gosslings will be disgusting, large, with gross excessive droppings like their parents, and they will no longer be worthy of my novice photography.

However, nature will call again... and we will soon have new kittens in our neighborhood. One of the women that works next door has set up crates along the side of their building, which I can see from my office window. In the crates resides at least one veeeeeeery pregnant cat.

And to think I was worried about that cat making it through the winter. She obviously knows how to keep warm.

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