Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Girls... Girls... Girls...

Our youngest is about ready to turn 5, and he will then join the world of elementary school, backpacks, gym class, self-serve lunches, and the adoration of young girls. I don't know why this child's last birthday before kindergarten is particularly emotional for me. Maybe it is because most people that know me remember me being pregnant with Ian. And, ohhhhhh time flies in a painful way. I AM STILL 23 AND A NEWLYWED, dang it. I will never be pregnant again { God willing }.

OK, back to the picture. Do you notice the color scheme of the goodie bags? Not a whole lot of testosterone in those colors, I do admit. That is because most of the friends coming to Ian's birthday party this weekend are girls. So, if your daughter is one of them, tell her to look her best and bring a great gift. I have a feeling there will be some stiff competition.

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