Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Per my friend, Kait, the Virginia Tech Extension Service did an analysis that showed if each household in the state of VA spent just $10.00 a week on local foods, it would bring 1.65 billion dollars annually to the state economy. I do not live in Virginia; however, Ohio could use all of the help it can get with Lebron heating it up in Miami.

Here are my garden pics from last night... as local as I can get... and if Kate Gosselin can have chickens in her backyard, so can I. I doubt there is anything in our HOA regulations about livestock. I shall put that on the list of to-dos for this week.

Do you SEE those cucumbers? The first three I pulled from the garden, and no more than two hours later, G.O.N.E. It will be a sad day when the cuke plants in the garden have sprouted their last fruit. Cukes rule.

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