Friday, August 27, 2010

Rendered Speechless

I try to stay out of Isaac's room.
You know those knick-knacky kind of people? They collect things like wooden figurines of geese. You know who you are. I am not one of those people. Isaac is.

Let us take a journey into the forbidden world of Isaac's room.

Exhibit A. Isaac's desk. That is a chair next to it, but you cannot see it because his folded CLEAN clothes are sitting on it. Yes, I am one mean Mom and make all children above the age of six put their own clothes away.
Exhibit B. Empty shoe box and an Obama bobblehead.

Exhibit C. Bible. Tissue paper from empty shoe box, along with the silica insert. Yearbooks under tissue paper.
Exhibit D. Desk from other angle. Sea shells. Lego. Glue. Art supplies. Money. Telephone/address book. Socks.

Exhibit E. This is the bottom shelf of the bookshelf under his loft bed. It is holding clothes. Why? Likely because at one point, he needed to sit in his desk chair and no other place to put them.

Exhibit F. More shells. And a Siberian Tiger slushy cup from the circus. Seems like the piggy bank would be a fine place to keep the money that was on his desk.

Here we have the locker shelf (forgot to name this exhibit, but I am exhausted) that is supposed to help him keep his locker at school organized. Well, that just does not make any sense. So, in his bedroom, it is holding his wallet, Magic 8 Ball, and... another bank. Oh, and that money box? He has taken to selling some of his possessions this week and need that to keep his money organized.

This is what you will find under his bookshelf. Speechless.

Every bookshelf needs a tin can and a wad of soccer medals.

This is Isaac's bed. In it, you will find: 1 - pillow that belongs to him, 1 - pillow that he took from the guest room, 1 - body pillow, 1 - robe (he starts bedtime wearing it and then at some point in the middle of the night, he disrobes), 2 - blankets rolled in balls under his pillows, 10-stuffed animals also under his pillows. He does not have the luxury of a flat sheet on his bed, and this is why.

In our house, this is the equivalent of a girlie calendar in the garage.

Guess what Isaac is doing this weekend?

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  1. when isaac is a little bit older i'm going to introduce him to chloe.