Friday, October 29, 2010

Bunch of Nonsense

I have been struggling lately with what I should write about on this blog. It is essentially a chronicle of our life, which is most often full of silly, fun and rather mundane things. But, at times, I think I should be more thoughtful in my writing... write about a lesson in life, something I am struggling with, etc.

I look at many, many, many other blogs. I love to read them, get caught up on information, struggle with finding the meaning of life, blah, blah, blah.

{Can I tell you that I REALLY HATE mommy blogs? I just get tired of the excitement in first steps, first ponytails, active toddlers, first teeth, stories of babies who keep their parents up all night. Been there, done that. Don't care. Yet, there are 6,543,490 mothers out there blogging about it. Guess I am not their 'target audience'.  I will read political blogs from women my age, and those bore me to death, too. Crafty blogs are awesome. But, they make me feel inadequate in my craftiness. Not too keen on blogs from women who tell their readers how great they or their husbands are... I have learned that if you have to say it, it likely isn't true. Although, I do have to tell you that Matt shaved off his goatee, and he is looking hawt. Don't you agree?}

Okay, so where was I? I don't even know where I am going with this, other than, I wish my blog was more deep in content. But, that just wouldn't be me. I do possess deep thoughts, but life doesn't always have to be so thought out. After all, I am really still a 16 year old at heart (insert your immature jokes, here. I know I am, so what are you? )

Speaking of my immaturity, tonight, we have an adult Halloween party, where it is expected that anywhere from 80-100 adults will be dressed in costume. I never liked Halloween growing up. I didn't like putting on itchy costumes (Mom, I hated the time when you put nylon stockings on Cathy's and my head, painted whiskers on our faces and called us dogs), and it was kind of anti-climatic when you looked through your candy.

Halloween as adult is so much better!  Costumes are more creative, and participating in Halloween games (such as the frozen t-shirt contest and the chubby bunny game) are way more exciting. It is for this annual Halloween party that I stay up past 9pm willingly, because the laughs are so worth it. Right up until Hulk Hogan and Fred Flintstone start messing with each other because they've had one (or two) too many drinks.

Brett Michaels and his Poison Bitch. Circa 2007.

Vogue & Material Girl Madonnas. Circa 2009.  
This. Is. Me. Circa 2009.
Last year, my definite favorites were Billy Mays, Kanye West w/ Taylor Swift, and Delonte West (sporting a wig, CAVS jersey, with a strap of ammunition over his chest, carrying a machine gun... classic).

Which brings us to tonight. I do hope our costumes work out well, and that people will actually know who we are supposed to be. It could go very well... or it all could be very wrong...

Pictures will be posted tomorrow!

So, finally, I ask two questions:
  • What would YOU like to read in a blog?
  • What are you being for Halloween?

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  1. Good blog post. I keep two blogs. One is Olivia's so everyone can see the "firsts" especially her out of town grandparents. The other one I try and share marriage stories, things I am learning or feeling. I think your blog is a fun mixture of everything!