Sunday, October 31, 2010

Elin & Tiger

Need I say more? Ok, I don't... but I will.

Our friends, Phil and Staci, did it again this year. A smashing fun Halloween party, where grown adults act very much like the kids they still are.

First seen at the party were the Stow Bulldog Girls.  Who, you ask, could THEY be? At our high school, there are senior girls that dress completely inappropriately (I don't care how old they are) and write S, T, O, W, etc. on their midriffs in body paint and wear scantily clad clothing. This party had five of them - 4 women, and one man. He was the paw print, and did have a thong showing out the back of his short shorts. Hawt.

And, then came Michael Phelps, who was shaven from head to toe, donning all that a swimmer wears, including a bong attached to his gold medal around his neck.

Stowfoot also made an appearance with Flo, from Progressive, Elvis and Marilyn. Homer and Marge Simpson were fab. So was Lindsay Lohan in her orange jumpsuit. And, we cannot forget Slash, Ozzy and Bret Michaels. There was Batman and Robin, David Beckham, Shaggy, Daphne, Thelma and Fred. Disco king and queen. Richard Simmons. Deigo, less his Dora, due to strep throat.

And, the karaoke guy. He was real. And he did an awesome job keeping us moving. Until 2 am.

Being a grown up, at times, is so much fun. 

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