Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not just a hat

I came home from work yesterday to Matt, my husband of 15 yrs.,  wearing a newsboy hat... on backwards. Which just struck me as odd, and I laughed, and then I made fun of him. Images of Brad Pitt and my hairdresser came to mind.

Matt wearing his new hat is like me wearing a bikini on vacation. I will do it because I can, and because a bikini is what I WANT to wear... and, while I gave him much grief for the hat, I now realize, it is Matt just being Matt. Cool. And hot. (Dare I say like I will be in my bikini?!?)

It's pretty obvious to me now that what Matt has had to be in the past, oh, say, 10 years... is the image of his employers. Now, he works for himself. Which means he can now be himself, which has included various and sundry fashion statements over the years... such as Don Johnson jackets, James Dean t-shirts, mohawks, pierced ears x 3, zoot suits with black/white wingtips... and now, a newsboy hat on backwards if he pleases.  

Frat boys step aside. Matt White is no frat boy. (Matt and I met in college, where everyone dressed "Greek" whether they were Greek or not. It drove Matt crazy.) And, because I am definitely not a sorority chick, I may get my own self a newsboy hat.

I am sorry Matt. You are hot with a double T in your hat. Public apology accepted???

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