Tuesday, November 16, 2010

St. John ~ USVI

Here are some of my favorite pictures and those that most represent our trip.

15 years of wedded bliss.
Me and Matt at Skinny Leggs, Coral Bay.

A handful of donkeys roam the island.

The plush hills of the island is what makes it so beautiful.

We found a hermit/soldier crab hotel behind a ruin in Leinster Bay.
This fella was the biggest.

This is our view from the pool, which sits between the beach house and Klein Bay.

Millipede. Definitely the biggest one I had seen all week.
He came out right after a heavy rain.

Caneel Bay. We only saw from afar.

Termite nests were everywhere in the trees.

Welcome to the jungle!
Our travelmates, Colleen and Wayne, also celebrating their 15th anniversary.

Trunk Bay from the road

Trunk Bay

The hills over Leinster Bay

Body surfing at Trunk Bay

The blue of the sea

Cruz Bay at night

Matt under the sea

Bananaquits in a feeder at Shipwreck Landing

Yours truly climbing a palm tree at Maho Bay.

The awesome pool at Carnival Beach House.

Rainbow on the south end

Spotted eagle ray
This one was about 3 ft in diameter with about a 5 ft stinger.

Salt Pond

Salt Pond

Salt Pond

On our last day, we were fortunate enough to see some of these awesome seas turtles!

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