Saturday, December 4, 2010

My advice as we look to 2011

If you are in NE Ohio and love yourself some bling, then you need to schedule your lia sophia show with me in January!  You'll be glad you did! And, here is why...

The special for the month of January is BUY ONE, get TWO at half off! What makes this so awesome is that the half off items are THE MOST EXPENSIVE! How often do you hear that?!?Plus, this special can be used as many times as the customer/guest would like. No limit.
Your friends and family will enjoy the greatest time to buy from lia sophia... and it is a great time to look ahead to Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays or dare I say, Christmas of 2011... 

Also, as a hostess, if you have a $600 show in January (which is considered "the average" show), you can get $100 in jewelry for only $19!

WOW... that is in addition to the regular hostess benefits, which are:
  • 20-40% of your show sales in FREE jewelry
  • Up to four items of your choice at the special Hostess Bonus price of $15 (unless otherwise noted)
  • Two half off items of your choice
Also, as you look toward the new year, if you are considering picking up a few extra bucks (maybe to pay off that credit card balance you racked up over the holidays?) by selling lia sophia, the Starter Kit is on sale for ONLY $114. This is the greatest discount ever on the starter kit! You get $1,000+ in jewelry, plus all of the supplies you need for about 6 shows!

Questions? Or, are you ready to schedule your own show for January? Email me at We will have a blast!

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