Saturday, January 15, 2011

Basement wall

This is the wall at the bottom of the stairs heading into our basement, which is finished and is used primarily as a place where the kids play, overnights are had, and poker is played. I used to have pictures hanging on that wall but, as usual, I got bored with it and took them down.

I, then, happened to visit one of my most favorite DIY/decorating blogs, called Nesting Place, and saw a DIY sunburst mirror. Hello!?! Incredible. I fell in love with that mirror project, although, I know I don't have the skill or patience to actually create one.  

The same day I was over at the Nesting Place swooning over that sunburst, I happened upon some wall decals for the home at one of my newest loves,

At first, my thought was to purchase the flower decals and 'sunburst' them, but they would obviously would not be three dimensional like the Nester's. However, I loved the idea of putting the mirror in the center of the flowers. The basement wall would be a perfect space for them!

I ended up ordering the flowers (you purchase three in a set, but the sweet Kristin at Pillowtalkk threw in an additional flower for me! Thanks chica!) in white, black and grey.

When you get the decals, they have two layers of backing so you can put them on the wall already in their place, and then peel the backing off to reveal the 'front' side of the decal. On the second one I placed on the wall, I removed the wrong side of the backing so I had to hand place, which wasn't difficult at all. In this picture below, I am repositioning the grey one.

While I was waiting for my order to come in from Pillowtalkk, I went ahead and did the most cost effective mirror purchasing possible ... I went to the Dollar Store and bought $1 mirror that are meant to have candles sitting on them. I would be attaching them to the wall, in the center of the flowers, with some extra 3M tape that is typically used for their hooks.

I left the black flower center in place so you could see what it would look like if I hadn't added the mirror to the mix. OK, not really... I didn't have a fourth mirror because I didn't know I was getting the extra flower thrown in! Another trip to the Dollar Store was made, and the fourth and final flower is now mirrored.

And now, I need a bench - storage or with cubicles - to go under it. I shall add it to my list of "need to find" at garage sales this spring.

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  1. I think this looks amazing! Found you through the Ohio group at Bloggy Moms. I'm in Northeast Ohio too. You have such a cute blog! :-)