Sunday, January 2, 2011

Feathers are fabulous!

We have a newer home with the typical mass-construction builder's master bathroom. 

The bathroom includes a very large single mirror that spans across the vanity and the his & her sinks. I HATE IT. One day, and that day may come sooner rather than later, it will come down.

We have lived in our house for about eight years. In an effort to finally soften up the room a tad, I took all of the bottles and bottles of crap toiletries off of the counter and organized every drawer and cupboard so everything has its place out of sight.

I found these candle holders at Target, on clearance, because they had some knicks in the wood. $10 for both of them. The plan was to spray paint them... either white or black... and then they would sit on the counter in the bath. The gold looking holder is one that I got at the Dollar Store prior to Christmas and that, too, should be black.

I then headed out to Joann's to look for a wreath. I really am not a fan of fake looking floral + greenery wreaths, but I picked one up anyways, and then gladly put it back because I found this FABULOUS wreath made of feathers! I love it so much I cannot stand it. I love it even more because it was only $9.97. (Make note, our bathroom is not that color of green... camera is playing tricks on me!)

I bought a 3M brushed metal hook to attach to the wall above the center of the mirror.  I then hung the wreath by ribbon (obviously...heehee). Candles and small glass pot all set, and voila! A much softer touch.

Next on the list is to replace the builder's towel bars, which I would love to replace with circular towel holders, but that would mean patching and painting... and we have used every drop of the paint color for that bathroom. I would also like to add small lamps at each end of the vanity,  but that would require the smaller towel holders...

I could always paint the bathroom a different color now that I have some time on my hands.

(Oh, and I am REALLY into monograms right now for some reason... the "W" on the candle? Got that from letter stickers I bought from a Creative Memories representative!)

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