Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Of husbands and hairdressers

This coming weekend, the White family will be traveling to Dallas. Matt's parents live there, but this is also a trip with some business attached.

A couple years ago, I had mentioned to my hairdresser... hairstylist... whatever is the most respectable term for someone who fiddles with my wig... that he should connect with my husband, who could help him with some of his marketing.

In perfect form, Andrew at Texture Salon and Studio and Matt at JoltCMS developed Cut Outside The Line, which is online continuing education for cosmetology.  { And, if you are a hairstylist, you should get your bootie to their most awesome site like RIGHT NOW! If you know one, you should share the link! }

My completely bald husband now talks to my hairdresser every single day. My husband subscribes to "Modern Salon" magazine. He has also videotaped enough haircuts for the continuing education that I am on my way to thinking he could cut my hair with confidence.

And now, this weekend, we are traveling to the big D for ... wait for it... wait for it... The ColorAmerica show. Cut Outside The Line will be live-streaming from the event, and yours truly will be there taking it all in. Me, my husband and my hairdresser. How weird is that?!? It is weird, trust me.

I just got my hairs did this past weekend, and my hairdresser talked and talked and talked about one of the presenters, Kris Sorbie. She is apparently the rock and roll star of coloring and has been affiliated with Redken forever. He totally idolizes her.

You know how when you are out and about and happen to run into your hairdresser... in a "Oh, my hair doesn't always look like this" moment? Yea. So, now, Andrew gets to see that I am jacking up the haircut he just gave me because I don't know how to do 'finger curls' (which he warned me not to jack up) ... plus, Kris Sorbie will be there. My new funkified color goes with the curls I don't have.

Maybe I will wear a hat.

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