Sunday, February 27, 2011

All in a Saturday

Last week, I shared my wish list for some decorating re-dos I am working on. Since then, I had found some lamps and a starburst mirror. I ordered both online.

Yesterday, I recieved word that the starburst mirror order was cancelled. And then, the lamps came, and they were not exactly what I was hoping for.

My budding interior designer, Isaac, and I decided to head to a second hand furniture store in the area that I had never been to. My favorite one, Jade Grace, didn't have any of the items I was looking for.  I was at least hoping to find the dresser I need, and then maybe a vintage starburst/sunburst mirror.

At the second hand store, I did find an antique dresser but it had a stained finish, of course, which meant I would have to do some DIY magic on it... and that scared me, although the price was perfect. I also could have bought a chair (or four) for my bedroom that I have also been looking for, but they were all sold. Just my luck.

Isaac and I headed to TJMaxx, my second home these days, and I ended up buying a chair that I have had my eye on for a few weeks. It was marked down, so the time was right!

(Side note: I was thinking of painting this table, but I have decided not to. I am afraid of screwing it up.)

Pier One was right down the way from TJMaxx, so we figured we would pop in there to see if there was anything special that would catch my eye... um... like the whole store! Dangerous place. Isaac even said, in all of his wisdom, "I would love to work here, but I couldn't because I would want it all and I know I couldn't have it." As the words were flowing from his mouth, I was thinking, "DISCOUNTS, BABY! DISCOUNTS!"

No starburst or sunburst, but I did end up buying those paper lanterns to hang from the ceiling at Pier One. 

The original starburst that I had ordered was from Kohl's. At this point, my wise son said, "Can't we just GO TO Kohl's to get the one you ordered?"  Der. Well, of course we could try, but I said that with much doubt in my voice.

HOLLAR! FIFTY PERCENT OFF! At my Kohl's. Isaac is so stinkin' smart. Why did I not think of that 10 internet-searching-hours ago?

I loves it. Plus, I think the lamps we have are actually perfect.

So the green, blass retro ones have found a home in the basement store room. I paid shipping for them, and for that reason only, I will keep them for something later... like when we re-do Audrey's room for her thirteenth birthday this summer. I hope she likes green. 'Cause that, they are.

Rug and dresser are all I need for the bedroom. Oh, and I have decided I may need a little ladder/tilted bookshelf thing. Matt can thank Pier One for that.

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