Monday, February 21, 2011

Biggest Miche Bag Party @ KSU

My friend, Nicole, and her friend (my new friend), Pam, have their own personal unique experiences with breast cancer. They will be walking in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day at the end of July this summer.

Nicole and Pam had contacted me a couple of weeks ago to ask if we could do the BIGGEST Miche Bag Party, as a fundraiser for the event. Um, heck yes! I am more than happy to do something towards this particular cause, and you don't have to twist my arm much to get me on campus at Kent State University.

Nicole and Pam both work at KSU, so today we met for lunch to discuss the plans for the Biggest Miche Bag Party! H to the O to the L-L-A.  

If you know me at all, you know that I would, of course, have my camera with me for a trip to KSU, which is only 10 minutes from home.  It wouldn't take much for me to go back there day after day.

Ok, back to the event! It will be held in the KSU Student Center on Wednesday, April 13, 2011. I will reveal more of the details as we have them finalized, but if you are a Miche Gal, and you plan on placing an order anytime this spring, please consider doing so on (or around) our event.

If you won't be near Kent State on April 13, you could always email me your orders to go towards this fundraiser.

All orders will qualify for the drawing for a Miche base bag, along with at least one HOPE shell.

Don't want to purchase Miche? Then, please consider donating towards my friends' team.

Keep checking back for more details on this event!  Thanks for stopping by!

2/22/2011 Update: Date change. I don't have new date yet, but will shoot that out when I know.


  1. Too bad I live on the opposite of the state!

  2. I keep thinking that I need a miche bag. I keep eyeing strangers bags out in public. The police probably have my picture on file, just in case.

  3. @FloridaGardner,

    The PLAN was to hold a 2 hour
    'open house'in a room in the student center. The guests (student & faculty) could make their purchases, and then we would be back in 2 weeks for the 'delivery'. As the rep, I would then give 15% of my profit to the 3-Day Team I was sponsoring.

    However, we have run into some snags with securing a room on campus, so it may be cancelled.

    But, at least that gives you an idea if you are thinking of doing something similar.