Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Checking in

I am almost two months into working part-time out of the house, so I thought I would give an update as to what I have been doing to fill my time.  Times seems to go by very quickly with the kids being in school during the day, and it seems to go by faster and faster as my days move on.

Matt works out of the house, so we are spending a good amount of time in the company of one another now that I am home more. Thankfully, we seem to still like each other after seventeen years of being together... although, apparently he is working to get stuff done to support our family and doesn't like to chit chat as much as me. Hhmmmph.

I have been helping Matt with some of his work on my 'off' days. What do I know about website and search engine optimization, you ask? Well, as a trained dietitian, and currently in medical sales/admin, I know... well, absolutely nothing. Thankfully, I am very good at learning as I go, and I am always determined to figure stuff out in a McGyver-kind-of-way. It saves Matt time and lots of money that he would otherwise be paying a graphic designer.

I have been writing press releases, tweeking some websites and modifying some graphics. What is super awesome about this gig is that if I don't want to do something (writing optimized press releases has to be just about the worst task ever given to me... if you know what those are, then you know exactly what I mean), I can just turf it back to Matt.

A huge part of what I have been doing is pretending like I know something about hairdressing. Matt and my hairdresser, Andrew from Texture Studio & Spa, provide online cosmetology continuing education through (COTL).  I consider myself the Social Media Maven for COTL... maintaining the Facebook and Twitter (@cutoutside if you want to follow to brush up on all things hairstyling) accounts, and I also contribute to the new blog for the website. All things hair is WAY more fun than my real job, trust me.

I have also signed up to volunteer in Ian's kindergarten classroom. I am in the room every other week for an hour. Manageable. Plus, I love seeing my sweet little man in his element...  it is funny how you can see your own child in a different light when they are removed from their siblings and the comfort of their own home. Sweet boy is growing up.

Things are moving along with my lia sophia and Miche Bag businesses. It is so nice to have that extra money coming in when I have given up a huge chunk by going part-time. Plus, I really have been very lucky to meet some awesome people who wouldn't currently be in my life if it hadn't been for meeting them through lia sophia and Miche. I get to hang with some pretty awesome women every week when I am out and about doing my thing. 

Oh, and, I have been blogging more. Right?

By the way, thanks to all of you who stop by to read my words. You never know who is reading unless they have publicly subscribed, so it is awesome when I get your comments or private messages via Facebook and email. It is comforting to know that others worry about the same things I worry about, that I am not the only 30-something with night sweats, and that many of you truly are as crazy as me.

I do have to say that I would love for all of you commenters to comment ON THE BLOG in the comments section so we could get some dialogue going amongst readers. I know that likely freaks you out because you think people would know who you are, but you CAN make your comments completely anonymous... I promise!

Alrighty then, so that is what I have been up to! Thanks for stopping by! -A

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