Monday, February 14, 2011

Dragway 91

It is mid-February, so for the third year in a row, we spent a chilly Ohio Sunday afternoon in a school gymnasium watching boys in the Western Reserve Indian Guides (YMCA) race their wooden, ,hand painted dragway cars.

If you recall, last year was a huge success because Isaac had won a trophy for his car design. Who needs speed when you have an awesome looking car?

This year, Ian is also in Indian Guides, so it was the suspense of last year times two. Well, sort of.

Isaac didn't have the patience or the drive to put any effort into his car. In fact, at one point he told Matt he didn't even want to participate. Isaac's car was literally cut to a point and painted gray. To the contrary, Ian painted his car pretty much all by himself over a couple of days. Of course, Matt was the one who put the most effort into both.


Isaac and Audrey were more about putting concession junk in their bodies versus watching or participating in the day's events.

As we enjoyed the MC'ing of Al Mothersbaugh, the Longhouse Chief and of Twist Offs fame (come on you former KSUers... you remember the Twist Offs, don't you?), we watched Ian's car win two of his four heats. We thought he may have a chance of coming in the top 4 in his age group, which would mean a trophy.

Ian's car is in the 4th lane. He started to paint it as an Indian, and it quickly turned into an "Indian Guide". Clever little five year old.

Isaac's silver bullet was definitely a race contender, but certainly not one in design. His car is in the second lane.

Ian and Isaac, in their boredom of watching cars race that were not their own, decided to go run around the school we were in. I had told them to stay close, because it was possible that Ian could win... something... and like usual, I was right!

Ian won second in his division for design! Sweet victory.

Are these not the cutest little indians ever? Especially the one with the cowboy boots.

Of course, once he got HIS trophy, he was done with the whole thing. He held tightly on to his prize, but he really wanted to just go home.

We couldn't wrap this up without confirming that Elvis was in da house again this year. I realize this is someone's father. And I am not making fun. If you are going to dress like Elvis, you are going to get your picture taken by a weird lady from across the gym who doesn't want you to know she is taking your picture so she zooms in really close.

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