Thursday, February 17, 2011

The White Flag is Raised

Remember that earlier this week, I mentioned Isaac would be starting private voice lessons. Yea, well, scratch that. He made it through about 2.5 minutes of his lesson, before breaking down and refusing to sing or speak or face the teacher or respond. He was basically in a catatonic state. $14.00 for 2.5 minutes.

When we got home from our voice "lesson", I may or may not have told Isaac that if I hear him singing in this house that I will rip out his vocal cords. If I said it, it was said in jest, with a steady voice.

Maybe pretending to be a Bieber is more fun than actually being a Bieber.

Moving on to more positive things...

Today's was Isaac's International Tea in 3rd Grade. The kids had researched different countries as teams, and then we, the parents, brought in food for the 'tea', from our family's country of origin. There was no tea. Only lemonade. It works though. You needed the lemonade to quench your thirst after all of the scrumptuous food brought in.

He is lucky he is so cute and has freckles.

Okay, this was just a funny picture. I love that the kid in the back is pretending to choke the other kid.  

Isaac and his team researched France, home of wine, the Eiffel tower and berets.

Did I mention that he is lucky that he is so cute?

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  1. My mamma told me my freckles were beauty marks and kisses from angels. That got me thru some tough "teasing" years! He is absolutely adorable!