Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Never Say Never

In our family, child #1 and #2 were put in so many extracurriculars from the minute they could walk and talk, that we should have been reported to Child Services for overstimulation.  To the contrary, out of sheer exhaustion, child #3 may never do anything outside of school.

Let's talk about Isaac, child #2. We enrolled him in karate, basketball, T-ball, soccer and art classes. The only sport that really stuck was soccer. However, last season, on the soccer field, he pretty much chose to stand around and let everyone else do all of the work.

Knowing that Isaac is much more on the creative and artistic side, we decided to let him bow out of soccer moving forward, but he had to find something to fill the space. If not, he would end up spending all of our savings on apps for his iPod.

Remember a few months ago we traveled to the School of Rock to see if that could be the outlet he needed? After the acquisition of, not one, but two electric guitars and amps, it became very clear that he was not a rocker. His parents apparently enjoyed the sounds of classic and modern rock more than he did. Hmmph... go figure.  

Within the past month, we... well I... tried to get him to join the Akron ETC show choir. His age group is made up of all girls. And... he refused to go.

So, this week, we are trying something new, yet again. This week, voice lessons. Private voice lessons with very little committment outside of a 1/2 hr - 45 minutes per week. Hopefully, beyond that, he will want to do something more... like be discovered by Usher via youtube and end up sitting front row with him at the Grammys... with his Mom... 'cause Usher is all that and a bag of chips. Yes, he is.

To prepare him for the road to fame, we are going to see the Bieber movie on Wednesday. Okay, not really to prepare him... but never. say. never.

PS - Usher is in that movie, right?

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