Tuesday, March 1, 2011

lia sophia Starter Kit | Spring/Summer 2011

Many of you have been waiting to see what lia sophia includes in the updated Starter Kit, which is now available for those that would like to launch their own career with lia sophia.

The Starter Kit is now available for $149.00, and this includes over $1,000 in jewelry from the new spring/summer line, as well as everything you will need for your first 4-6 shows. See the images below for all of the contents in the new kit. 

Two of the most frequently asked questions I get when talking with ladies who are considering joining a lia sophia team are: 1) Is the Starter Kit actually all mine and what happens to it if I decide later on that I no longer want to sell lia sophia, and 2) Do I need to do so many shows per month or meet a sales quota?

To answer those questions, first, the Starter Kit will always be yours, however, I doubt you would ever decide not to sell lia sophia. It is such a fun way to earn extra income, plus, all of the jewelry is yours. It is completely awesome that you can add to your jewelry with a 70% discount as an advisor with lia sophia. Plus, along the way, if you meet certain monthly goals (company wide and unit wide) you can earn completely FREE jewelry.

Secondly, there is not a sales quota with lia sophia. You must submit one qualified show ($250 in jewelry sales) per quarter to remain 'active'. The average show is $600 with lia sophia, so meeting that goal is simple, and with very little effort, you would likely exceed that goal a few times over.

So, what are you waiting for? Now is a great time to jump in and do something new! I can't imagine not having had this opportunity a couple years ago... I have never regretted becoming an advisor, and you won't either!

If you have questions or would like more information, just email me at anne.liasophia@gmail.com. I would love to connect face-to-face or over the phone if you aren't in the NE Ohio area.

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