Thursday, March 17, 2011

Miss Independent

Yesterday, I dropped the boys off at school... and headed to the lovely city of Pittsburgh.

Seriously, I think I dig that city... now I do anyway. It obviously gets a bad rap, because the downtown is beautiful, hip, and clean.  

My sister and her family were visiting her in-laws in Pittsburgh, so I decided to make the trip 2 hours east to see them. And, I have been needing to get to IKEA to get a dresser for the master and some digs to pimp Isaac's bedroom out into a "lounge". More on that later. 

First, look at the fun had with Lucy and Griffin, my sister Cathy's darling kids. 

Griffin jumped ALL OVER me... and we did the butterfly dance...

Cathy's mini-me... in looks AND attitude.

Aaron's mini-me...

After my visit with the Smiths, I headed to the other side of Pittsburgh. When I saw these flags waving, I yelled, "Hallelujah!" , even though I had no idea of what was waiting for me inside. 

Have you been to IKEA? They are hard to come by in these parts, and I HAD to drive to Pittsburgh to get to the closest one.

I now see why peeps I know make day trips to the store. Whoa. I was totally overwhelmed, yet it was totally euphoric. I was alone. Childless. In a building with two floors of home goods-ness.

Back to the reasons I needed to go to IKEA. It really was time to get a new dresser for our master  bedroom. One that actually fit more than our underwear and socks. I scored at IKEA like I knew I would.

Isaac. Bedroom. Lounge.

I don't know what made him want to transform his room into a lounge, but for the past month or so, Isaac has been obsessed with the idea. His birthday is coming up, so I figured that he is so difficult to buy for, so creating his lounge would be the perfect gift.

On his wishlist are/were: futon, coffee table, end table, 2 lamps, new curtains, rug, pillows, some artwork, TV.

Yesterday, we were able to cross most of his list off. That is the great thing about IKEA. If you look long enough (like three times through the whole place), you find some great finds.... and then you curse them when you get it all home and you need to assemble it.

The only thing that has made it to his room as of today is the sofa bed. It was a hit.

Is he a stud or what? 

Rico even loved the sofa. 

We have much to assemble and get into the room... um, I mean lounge... but when it is finally complete, I will post the full view.

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Oh, and Happy St. Patty's Day! I am not wearing green but am eating broccoli and spinach for lunch.  :-)

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