Monday, March 14, 2011

Parent of the Year

Why, yes, I am. Thank you for noticing, and here is why.

This weekend, Matt has been out of town for business. He is hanging with hairdressers... again... I should be thankful that my hairdresser is a man and not a woman, or we would have a serious problem.

Leading up to Matt heading to Chicago, we were having some obedience issues with Isaac. He never does what he is told the first time he is told, and often times, he just completely ignores that he is being given direction to do something.

So while Matt was gone, my plan was to lay down the law. I have a tendency to allow Matt to deal with Isaac's disobedience because my patience is very limited. I am Type A, so when I tell someone to do something, I want it done now, so I can move on to the next order of business.

At least I can admit it unlike some of you.

Throughout the day on Saturday, Isaac did fairly well in the obedience department until evening came around, and then he just chose to do what he wanted when he wanted to do it, if he wanted to do it. There was a lot of reprimanding which meant there was also a lot of crying.

On Sunday, I explained to Isaac that when I told him to do something, it would be done immediately, or he would be sent to his room for a half hour. Every time.

I don't tend to make empty threats, so off he went to his room the first time he chose to ignore me. I went in after about 20 minutes to talk with him, and he has written "I HATE MOM" 5 times on his dry erase board. Which just ticked me off. And, in my head, I am thinking... If you want to hate me, I'll give you something to hate, you lucky little blank-ety-blank-blank.

Half hour is up, and he comes out of his room, and we are heading outside to ride bikes and walk the dog.

Before we do that, I explain to him that he is eight years old and is not old enough to make all of his own decisions, and because I am his mother, he will obey or deal with the consequences. I then tell him that I know he doesn't hate me (and he shakes his head in agreement with me). ::: b ig hug :::  I go on to tell him that he is not allowed to stomp off and burst into tears every time he makes the wrong choice and is disciplined for it.

Just when he thinks we are done with the conversation, I tell him that if he thinks he can find it better with another Mom, he should try it out. Go ahead and try to find a Mom that will let you do whatever it is you want, whenever you want.

BWAHHHHHH --- BWAHHHHHH!  He burst into tears.

I don't know how I feel about this tactic, but my Mom used it on us. And look how well I turned out. I mean, really. 

So I told him to cut it out, stop the crying, and get his booty outside to play... we hugged, and that was the end of that.

Do I have to give back my award?

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