Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Children's Clothing Consignment

If you have following my blog for any amount of time, you know that  I am a huge advocate of clothing consignment... heck, consignment of any nature for that matter.

The last time I went through the kids' closets in our house, I was super-duper organized. Audrey's outgrown clothes were put in totes by seasons - warm and cool - so that I would know what to pull and when for the consignment store. Isaac's (age 8) were toted for Ian's (age 5) later use, and Ian's were sorted into seasons but then by 'consignment' or 'to Griffin', our three year old nephew.

Spring is almost here and I have an upcoming trip to see my sister, Griffin's Mom, on the schedule so it was time to pull out the totes. 

After about 30 minutes of re-organizing and re-sorting, because that is what I do, I ended up with two totes of boys' clothes for Griffin, and two totes for the children's consignment store up the street from us.

The store called this past weekend to let me know they had sorted through my goods, so I went yesterday to cash in.

The store ended up not taking about 3/4 of a tote, so those items were donated to the Special Olympics bin that sits in the store parking lot. Easy skeezy.

And, I ended up with $62 and some spare change in store credit for use in the consignment store. Had I taken the cash, it would have been forty something. Details, details.

Doods, $62 for one tote of clothes.

With the $62, I bought a Hollister tshirt that is GREEN (for St. Patty's Day) for Audrey, an Aeropostle hooded zip sweatshirt for Audrey, and enough shorts and shirts to dress Isaac for the entire summer. Oh, AND... I did pick up some NWT (new with tags) boyfriend jean shorts for my bad self. The brand looked all fancy-like, so they were a must, although I have no idea what brand they are. Brands-shmands.

In any case, if you haven't tried clothing consignment, especially for your kids, it is a must!

It makes sense, is economically responsible, and you are recycling! If you are somewhat of a nut about wearing someone else's clothing, fear not. They can be washed. I know. I have done it. Plus, I know at my local store, many, many, many pieces are NWT. Teenagers are crazy and buy stuff they never wear! Snots.

What is the best find you have scored at a consignment store?

(My best find was a $200.00 pair of Joe's Jeans for $11.00 H to the O.L.L.ar.
I have since outgrown them, but they made their way back to the consignment store to be re-purchased by another deserving consigning soul.)


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