Thursday, March 24, 2011

Peacock in person

At Shenandoah Crossing in Virginia, around the horse stables, there is alot of farm activity. There are two resident peacocks who roam the resort property (and beyond), which is quite odd if you have never seen a peacock in person.... let alone walking across a parking lot.  

A-MA-ZING creatures. The coloring of the feathers is just incredible.

The male peacock, of course, is the prettier of the two genders. He is the one with the fan of feathers that go up in defense or in an effort of show... and he shakes them... in little pulsing motions. It is seriously crazy.

I asked every 'why' question possible while we were in the 'farm' area of the resort. Why did the peacock DO THAT? Why did the one horse kick the other one in the face? Why is that horse sneezing uncontrollably? WHAT is the name of that furry-like rooster? Why does the prettier of the species have to be male? 

The peacock was surrounded by hens and roosters when he spread his tail feathers, and according to those who were so kind to entertain me with answers, he was showing off to the other fowl in the area. He was not afraid, but he wanted them to know he is so kick ass better looking than them.

He is so right. (These pics were taken with my cell phone from 1998, so they suck. But you get the gist.)


I don't need positive affirmation (all of the time), but VOTE! And, one day, I will vote for you. That's the way it works. Mwah!

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