Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break | Shenandoah Valley | Horseback Riding

Today, we woke up with a phone call from the horse stables at 7:45am. We confirmed our horseback riding appointment for late in the afternoon. Woot-woot!

None of us really know anything about horses, so it was a day of learning. We hung, no pun intended, with many horses, all day long. And roosters, hens, peacocks, turkeys, and a baby calf.

I now feel like all you need to know in life, can be learned on a farm, with farm animals.

No one was bitten. No one was bucked. No one fell off. And only one ended up on his hindlegs due to a squirrel in the woods.

Isaac was petrified. You wouldn't know it by these pictures. He quickly warmed up to his horse.
Audrey was pumped. Ian acted like it was no big deal and he could do it over and over again.

We had the papparrazzi following us ... "Nathan's Dad"... the kid in front of me on a horse had a Dad with a big lense... and legs that carried him throughout the entire trail, while he snapped pictures of all of us. He is supposed to email those to us, and I can't wait to see what we looked like ON THE HORSES.

Audrey and Ginger.

We don't know the name of this horse, but he/she had ice blue eyes. Prettiest horse eyes ever.

The horses were so sweet with this 4 week old calf.
This horse had almost cartoon-like eyes... even when they are closed.

We can't be sure as to 'why', but these two needed large helmets.

This is Penny. She and I had lots of good conversation.
The horse's ability to listen is an amazing thing.  

The horse riders, very much like the horse whisperers.

Ian and Penny, the pony, who really isn't a pony,
but the smallest, most ridable for those under age 8.

Isaac and Roxy. She treated him well. There is hope that he will ride again.

Luke and Honey, the scaredy-squirrel-pants of a horse.


Donkey + Horse = Kate the Mule. Mules cannot make mule babies. Did you know that? I did not. Mules are very sweet. Kate was the sweetest and my most favorite of the day.

Isaac and Roxy. Hugs for Roxy at the end of the ride.  

Must be the most disgusting creature on the planet, especially in contrast to the most beautiful, which is the peacock. Pictures to follow of that handsome fella. If only there was video of the male peacock trying to show off his beauty to the hens. Quite a sight.

Nice segway to Wayne wearing Colleen's wife beater at the pool, which was OPEN today!

At the outdoor pool, we mostly hot tubbed while the kids swam in the freezing cold water.

- - -

I want to give a shout out to the resort where we are staying --- Shenandoah Crossing in Gordonsville, VA.  We have fallen in love with this place, and think it would be even more awesome in the summer.   We are not the 'outdoors' type, but this place is perfect, with quick access to some awesome historical sites along with the Appalacian Mountains, and lots to do for everyone, especially families.
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