Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break | Shenandoah Valley | Part Dos

Yesterday, we invited the Bowers over for a breakfast of eggs, bacon, cereal, grapes and anything else we could find to scrape together before we headed to the grocery store.

The girls and Wayne went running/biking... Matt took the boys swimming and to the arcade... and me and Colleen went to the SuperWalmart about 20 mins away for the necessities.

This area is beautifully non-zoned. So, while you have the two century old plantations, you also have the two decade old trailers. Lots of rolling hills, with lots of unzoned land.

After lunch, we 'decided' to head to the Shenandoah National Park --- you know, about "20 minutes" away --- for a hike. It took us more like 60 minutes to get there, and then the hike was nice and challenging for the non-athletes in the group... and possibly for some of the athletes, as well.

Yesterday gave us these pics!

Hiking in. Only 5 of the 9 of us made it all the way to destination Chimney Rock. The 4 that didn't go all the way in turned around about 1/2 way in, and decided to backtrack to the car, where a nice relaxing movie awaited them.

The first butterfly of the season for us Ohioans. He looked like a 'fresh' butterfly.

Bowers powers.

The two youngins that  made it to Chimney Rock. They are so stinkin' cute!

Two exhausted, swollen fingered moms. 

God's rays. 

When we got to the National Park entrance, the ranger suggested that we put both families in one car. Nine of us smashed into the van. This is what it looked like post-hike. Lots of tired and hot folks. 

This is Ian at lunch yesterday. He got a splinter while at the picnic table. Here he is being very dramatic. Picture worthy.

Today we may be putt-putting and horseback riding. My "outdoor living" shoes may need a break.

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