Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break | Shenandoah Valley

I am as close to camping as I will ever get. I am living the life in the woods, with the Bowers (of Stow, OH fame), a dishwasher, running water, and a clean cabin on some sort of resort property just outside the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.  

Seriously, I don't camp. I prefer my vacations be filled with pools, sun, bloody marys (extra spicy), and meals cooked by someone other than moi. I am getting some of that here, and I am okay with the sacrifices I must make.

Yesterday was a travel day, so today was our first day of adventure.

Here are my favorite pics from yesterday, with commentary, of course.

The view as we headed out of Stow, OH - and the view the entire way to VA.

I hardly own a pair of tennis shoes, so in preparation for our close-to-camping-as-I-will-ever-get-trip, I bought these Sketchers 'Outdoor Living' Shoes... for all of the outdoor living I anticipated.

Cabin 64, baby. That is where it is happenin'.

Friggin' CABIN. Like Lincoln Logs. Or, is it Linkin' Logs? Either way, we are in log cabin like structures.  

Wayne & Colleen

The resort sits on Lake Izac, and Isaac is thinking of changing the spelling of his name.

No cell coverage in these parts. So, the girls have to go to these stumps in the woods to pick it up. 

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