Friday, April 15, 2011

The bending Willow

On Wednesday night, I was making dinner and I looked out to the happiest dog (that was not my own) in our yard. I, of course, decided on an impromptu playdate for Rico. 

Meet Willow, who we did not know was Willow, until after about 10 minutes of play time. 

Willow and Rico were getting along so well in the yard, that I decided to go back in to make dinner. They enjoyed each others company so. 

Then, I noticed a woman at the front of our house, in a car, who was clearly not happy with the happy dog in the back of our house. 

Bad Willow. 

Funny part about Willow? Her Mom was concerned when she saw her in our yard because she doesn't know what to do around other dogs. 

I think Willow has her Mom fooled. 

Willow can come play at our house any time.

- - -

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