Thursday, April 14, 2011

Miss Dependent

My Thursday morning started as it usually does. I went into work, opened the devil box, as my brother-in-law, Craig, calls it, and then all hell broke loose. Like, alllllll hell. 

I had been waiting for such a day. Functioning with a laptop that is six years old is just unacceptable. I had dropped hints. Mentioned that I have been booting up in Safe Mode for quite some time. He waits until the last minute for everything.

You have been there. You think you can press something to make it work (TWSS). Nothing . All buttons pressed. Multiple times.

New computer ordered. Computer geek called. I went to lunch. I returned against my better judgment.

Computer geek is of no help except for the advice to put my hard drive in the freezer. 

I am immobilized at work. Twelve years of work in one little devil box. I cannot take the thought of all of that missing information any longer, so I leave. Figure it all out yourselves bitches. 

(By the way, I know some of you don't like the word 'bitches' but those are my peeps. My bitches. It's all good. You my bitches, too.)

I rushed home to get to a computer that would actually boot. Before I left I had to let the co-workers know about the death of the devil box, and they could grieve over their inability to contact me until next Tuesday. However, they should not shed another tear because the world will not end because my computer died.

When I got home, I told Matt to "get out of my way!"...  I had important presidential stuff to do. Der. Facebook and Twitter were calling.

Today was a bit of an awakening for me.  I am entirely way too dependent on technology. And, I am not just talking about social media. Phone numbers. Email addresses. MY SOCIAL LIFE. I don't know how to reach most of you without the box. And, heaven forbid I am not caught up on all of YOUR social lives.

Yet, it was all okay. 

And, do you know why?

Because bitches, I was able to salvage this... my voting button! Just when I thought the voting Gods were against me!  H to the O.L.L.A.

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