Saturday, April 9, 2011

Birthday golf

One day, he will appreciate being able to golf on his birthday. Today, however, Isaac was not thrilled to learn the life lesson of patience.

This was his first time on a golf course where he was actually golfing. He hasn't been old enough to play on a public course, but they were able to play at the club this afternoon. Since he is a newbie, he and Matt were playing a bit slower and had to let others play through. He didn't like the wait.

But, he looks very handsome, doesn't he? Now that we bought him pants that are not jeans or sweats to meet the club dress code, we may need to move along in the shoe department. As you can see, he wore his chucks on the course. It was that or the royal blue ones he got for his birthday.

And so, now we begin our tenth year. 

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