Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bikini ready

If I say I am bikini ready now, after two weeks of non-processed, non-carb nonsense, can I please feast on homemade perogies?

This is the week in review...

It is all a blur. A blur of SlimFast shakes, mozarella and tomato salads, nuts, water and meat. Very little carbs. Because this eating plan is such a pain in the rear, I prefer to just grab a SlimFast shake and go. Statisfy my hunger and move on. There is a reason processed foods are so popular, and I now know that reason all too well. I did enjoy a few beers this week, although I do miss my Coors Light.

My midsection has shrunk. Definition is back, and can actually see some 'muscle'. I use that term loosely. My pants are fitting better. 

Most importantly, I feel so much better. Tons more energy than before. My mind {appears to be} much clearer.

Can I just be done now and do this all again when bikini season is a bit closer? I just want to cheat a little {more}.

After all, I truly am the one #WINNING. Matt sucks at this competition, although I will admit he has much more to do to reach his goal (which is .... ???), and considering his obstacles, he is doing awesome.  

And, he is hot.

Dom DeLuise and yours truly. I love Matt and his hats!

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