Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'll have what he's having

I was tense all day today. I had a few things on my plate, but not enough to fill my day. And that made me tense.

Seriously. It is an illness of some sort. I figure I need to DVR more good TV.

Today, I knew I had to try to get a blog post out on the internets. One that actually said something.

I searched high and low for some sort of inspiration beyond the "I am on the phone and you are getting on my last nerve" moment I had late in the day with my two oldest angels.

And then, I saw this photo... tweeted out by The Pioneer Woman. Go ahead. Click on 'this photo' to see it. I will wait for you to return. (I cannot post the actual picture since it is copywritten - boo-hiss).

No. 4 and No. 6 are brothers, and No. 6 just hit his first home run. Look at No. 4's arms stretched out wide to welcome his brother to home plate. Awwww... the look on No. 4's face is priceless.

And, it simply reminds me of a moment we had in the car tonight.

We had just picked Audrey up from school after a track meet. It was 8pm and she hadn't had dinner... she was jonesing for some Wendy's. Wendy's we went.

Whenever we head towards fast food, the Type A in me wants to be prepared when we get to the ordering mic. God forbid the drive-thru girl think that I am unorganized. So, I want everyone to decide on orders before we get to the fast food joint. (I was a drive thru girl, and indecisive people are just whack!).

Ian (age 5) was stoked that I would allow him to get a Coke float from Wendy's. At eight o'clock at night.

But, then, Isaac (a fresh age 9) decided that he would like a Frosty, straight up. On the rocks.

We got to Wendy's and as we pulled up to the ordering mic, I say one last time, "Do we all know what we want?"

Ian caves, denies himself what he REALLY wants, and says, "I want whatever Isaac wants."

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