Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In the chair

Did I ever tell you how I love hanging out with my husband and my hairdresser?

Yesterday, they were filming some videos for their cosmetology continuing education website, and I just  happened to need my hair cut & colored, so I was the 'model'.

I know, I know... I am living the glamorous life.  

Have you ever tried to sit in a chair or at a shampoo bowl (and back & forth) for THREE HOURS without talking, heckling the other hairdressers in the salon, or making any dorky facial expressions because you it is being filmed? 


It could have been the fumes from all of the chemicals, I suppose, but my head was killing me by the time I left.

But, when I did, I looked like this.

Heck, if I looked like this, I certainly wouldn't be spending my time blogging and doing all of the other non-glamorous things in my life --- I would be on the runway, baby! However, this is the color I was going for.

No REAL after pictures {yet}. Seems there was a technical snafu of sorts (and then a lot of name calling by my husband).  

- - -

Ahhh,  and yes, here we are again. The infamous brown voting bar.

I never win anything. Never have. Not a sporting event. Not a prize. One time, about 11 years ago, I received the "Employee of the Month" Award at work, and come to think of it, I have not seen that darn glass award here in my office for months, so that may have been taken away in the end.

My point is, I am a loser with it comes to competition of any sort. So, vote for me, won't you? Out of thousands, you have gotten me up to #55 on the narcissistic TopMommyBlogs.com. Third page. While I know that already makes me a winner (in my own mind), I would like to be on page 1 (#1-25) or page 2 (#26-50). Clickety-click-click, every day! So close!

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