Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Once I wanted to be a florist

For real.

My cousin and I would spend our spring and summer days *borrowing* flowers from people's gardens and other well landscaped public places. We would spend our days arranging and trying to sell our bouquets. Ahhh... those were the days.

So, you can imagine how proud I was when my sweet boys *borrowed* these lovely daffodils from the entrance of our development as they walked home from school yesterday. There are SO many in those beds, after all, according to Isaac.

Check out the little kitty peaking over the flowers. Also from one of my boys. Kitty in a tea cup. Every Mom needs one.

- - -

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  1. Hi! This flower thing is so cute. My husand said he used to "borrow" fruit from neighbor's gardens then have a fruit stand and sell it back to them... they all thought it was so cute they didn't mind. Ha!

    I'm Rachel, by the way! Stopping in from the April Blog Hop! Hope you'll come visit me at and @upperbottom.

    Cheers and happy spring!!

  2. Don't let the boys do this in front of Colleen's house...I've seen her react to children who "borrow" her daffodils. Ha!:)

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  4. HOA has spoken! My boys are no longer allowed to 'borrow' daffodils. It was only a matter of time.