Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I just feel like I got bitched slapped right from the blogosphere.

This post was in my Google Reader tonight.

I know you don't like having to vote. But there are many things I do every day that I really don't like to do either. And, to be fair, I have repeatedly asked you to only vote if you think I am worthy. Some of you read and don't vote. You must not think I am as great as I think I am.

When I started blogging, I turned to as a resource for other blogs. The top blogs, I read, as in past tense. Religiously. It was a good jumping off point. There are plethora of blogs to be read at TMB. TMB remains a security blanket and validates my blog -- you don't want to write your comment ON THE BLOG, but you will click. And, I know you are reading it.

Last week, I realized there are these cliques of female bloggers out there. Bully bloggers. Female bloggers that bully other bloggers through chat rooms... and now this post comes out.

Dang. They are as bad as the snots in middle school. It is like someone beating you in a race, and then talking smack about how bad you suck, while trying to paint it as though they are trying to help you with this 'advice' through their own blog post.

The fact that I solicite votes through, apparently, makes me blogger scum.

Well, I am not. And, either is my blogger friend, Lori P., who is also apparently a blogging whore. I am merely trying to get my blog recognized and read. Duh.

If voting blogs can increase someone's visibility, why should another blogger care about a false "popularity" of another blogger? Mind your own damn business (MYODB). If you don't feel threatened by another blogger's exposure, then really... why do you care? You shouldn't.

Shame on you.

( You may find it ironic that I don't have my little brown bar link to request your vote on this post. Don't. Brown bar isn't there because I am on my iPad, not my laptop. Image is on my laptop. Coincidence? Hmmmm... I don't think so. You can still vote for me at by clicking that brown box/button up on the left! Again, only if I am worthy. )


  1. HI! I'm visiting from the April Blog hop. I'm pumped that I'm your first comment on this.

    I agree with everything you said. People should just calm down, take themselves less seriously, and not hate. Geez.

    My only regret about your post is that you linked to her blog. Because before I could think, I clicked the link. You're probably driving a lot of traffic to her blog, and maybe that doesn't bother you, but it would bother me (you know, because of the hate).

    Thanks for the post! Hope you'll visit me at and @upperbottom.

  2. Haha! I thought so! As I was writing that comment I was like... I think this blog is familiar... then after I published I scrolled down and recognized this post from last night.

    Soooo hi, again!!

  3. HIIIIIIIYAAAAAAAA! COmputer crashed, so I have not looked at another blog other than my own in the past 24 hrs... but sit tight... I shall be visiting soon!

    I know... I shouldn't have linked to her... but then, peeps couldn't see the asinine points she made. AND, while she may not want to admit it, her inflammatory comments were merely made to drive us to her site. Vicious cycle. But, I am okay with it.

    I am not really sure that she realizes what social media... PR... public promotion of any sort means... in fact, do we REALLY think the President of the USA is President because he does a good job? Hell to the no! (I mean, he is doing a fine job, but that is not why he was elected.)

    Down with the haters!