Thursday, April 28, 2011

To watch or not to watch?

A lovely couple, they are. I wish them a long and happy life together. And, THAT RING. What fabulous taste someone in the royal family has! 

So, my dilemma over the next few hours will be...

Do I pretend to care about the biggest British event of the past 25 years... and wake up WAY before I ever intend to wake up to do anything... I don't really care about this wedding. He is handsome and she is breathtakingly beautiful (although I do hope she cuts her locks after this event), but I think I am too dead inside to feel anything about their nuptials.

Do I pretend to care and DVR it? Because let's face it, I will not wake up THAT early in the morning for anything. Did I already mention that?

Do I pretend to care for my children's sake, because you do know that one day, scandal will try to infiltrate this marriage or this family once again... and it would be nice for the kids to remember the day the commoner became a princess... and the story was still magical... so maybe we/I should just catch the replays day in and day out for the next 14 days on every television channel available to man?

Do I just accept that I don't care... at all... sleep in, allow the 4,782 Disney shows to continue to record via the DVR all morning, and allow the day to exist without the fanfare in our house?

The Royal Wedding is much like the Kentucky Derby for me. (Sorry to all of those Kentuckians out there.)  I hear much about the Derby, and I know many people who celebrate its traditions, but I don't get it... and will likely never watch, even from my comfy couch in my family room.

Okay, so what will you be doing?
A. Watching live while eating scones.
B. Watching your DVR'ed version and pretending all weekend like you woke up early enough to watch it. 
C. Watching snippets on the nightly news and pretending all weekend like you woke up early enough to watch it.
D. Not watching at all, like Anne White Does.

- - -

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  1. I will be watching the repalys on the news but I may DVR it too. Not sure? But get up that early in the am when I know I will be able to see her dress and such on the pm news.....nope, not me.
    And yes..... I finally posted. D