Friday, April 29, 2011

Guns & Ammo

No, I will not be talking about my boys and gun play. I don't get too hung up in that decision of whether to allow or not allow.

This past weekend, while the kids were off for the Easter holiday, Isaac had a friend over. He and his friend were playing a game on the computer called "Weapons". They had two computers going, which didn't leave a computer for Ian.

Ian asked me if he could get a FREE app on the iPad. It is called "Guns & Ammo". Why not? So, I downloaded and installed it for him.

Obviously, Ian is well aware of our iTunes password because to assist him with Guns & Ammo, you need more ammo.

As you can see above, he bought himself a 2,500 coin pack... oh, and he also bought another game called 'Cut the Rope', whatever that is.

We are sooooo on to him. I can't wait to see his reaction when he goes to download his next game and BAM! No download for you sucka.
- - -
As of this moment, is experiencing some technical difficulties, but never give up on casting your vote! As of this morning, we were sitting at #16 - SIXTEEN! - that just rocks! 

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