Saturday, April 2, 2011


Matt and I have finished one week of our weight control contest. Here is where we stand:
  • I went the entire Monday - Thursday without beer or popcorn. In fact, after 6:00pm, every single night, I was done eating. Yes, I was feeling a bit famished by 8 or 9pm, but I also felt less bloated (I hate that word but it fits), and my energy level was incredible, all day long, especially in the evening. I even stayed awake and remained productive until 10pm on most nights. #WINNING
  • Both of us successfully carved the carbs out of our diet. It was not bad at all. Matt was able to have one 'normal' meal ever day, where he got a few more carbs than I allowed myself, but he's a dude. He needs them more. #WINNING
  • Matt and I have been walking together (and sometimes not). For Matt, walking almost daily has increased his exercise by about 200%. All I have to say is thank goodness for warmer weather on the horizon. We could walk forever without the bitter cold blowing in our faces. #WINNING
  • Last night, I rewarded myself with some beers (and about 1/3 of a bag of popcorn) since it was GNI. Barley & hops. Sweet goodness. And, I ate a Triscuit or two. The voice in my head warning me against carbs was seriously annoying. #WINNING
  • Today on our walk, Matt told me he is very intriqued all of a sudden with calories. He said it as if calories are some new fandangled thing in the universe just discovered. He even went online and researched his beloved Chic-Fil-A meals. His eyes have been opened. Hopefully, his mouth will stay closed. #WINNING
  • We bought a new scale. It lies. Precisely why I threw the last one away. Worst money I have ever spent. It tends to flucuate 5 pounds both ways. I don't care what that stupid scale says. I have some smaller sized clothes tucked away that I shall use as my affirmation or motivation. Scales are not #WINNING.
  • I told my peeps last night that once I get this nonsense under control, and it won't take long, that maybe I could just indulge in a beer or two during the weekend, like 'normal' people. Novel, isn't it? Your every evening not ending in an ice cold one or two? It totally goes against my familial grain, but der, it will work. #WINNING
  • I upped my vitamin regimen this week, too. Before all of this bikini-ready stuff started, I had ordered some Biometic Liquid Supplement. I have only had it a couple of days, but I am hoping it does all that it says it will do. If so, I will continue to be #WINNING.

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