Thursday, May 19, 2011


I am getting my wig pimped today. Hombre!!

Yes, I just had it done differently last month. Which made me wonder many times I have had my hair colored or cut in the past couple of years.

My hairs must be exhausted. And, I think I have a hair addiction.

Thank goodness for Andrew, is all I have to say... well, and for a husband who could really care less about my hair.

Me with Sherrie and Griffin, circa June 2008
WHAT was I thinking with this color? Blech.

Mayle Girls, Labor Day Weekend 2008

Me and Ian, July 2009
And then darker yet.

Us, January 2009
Then, shorter and lighter.

September 2009
Super short and super dark.

More Mayle Girls, Thanksgiving 2009
Longer and lighter.
(Sherrie, your hair looks fab here, btw!)

Me & Kim, March 2010
Longer. And u.g.l.y. Bad 'growing' phase.

Me & Jerry Faust of Notre Dame fame, May 2010
Longer & darker

20-year class reunion, August 2010
And, then lighter.

Me & Colleen, October 2010
Longer and darker.

Me and Matt, November 2010
Shorter and DARK.

Me & Courtney, April 2011
Longer and red, which was supposed to be carmel.

- - -

I know this is stupid post that doesn't deserve a vote. It is about my hair for goodness sakes, but if you do feel so inclined, please click on the brown bar to vote, won't you, hombre?

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