Sunday, May 15, 2011

I hate birds

We have baby birds in one of our front evergreens. It was sort of cute when they were born

I have checked in on them every day since birth. Repeatedly.

Since we are very loud around this house, especially when the kids are outside, I was afraid their mother would just leave them, alone, in the nest, to avoid the ruckus.

She didn't leave them, and now, they look like real birds with real feathers and beaks that peck things.

There are five of them. And, it is time for them and their momma to go. The bird crap is unbearable. 

If you shat somewhere, you should be sure to clean up your mess. But, I have a feeling momma bird will just be leaving hers.

I also think she should come to the realization that she no longer should sit on them. { Although I am sure she has done this before.} But enough already.

Maybe spend some time teaching them to do something useful like flying.

As Tom Mayle (my Dad) always said... O-U-T. Out. Out. Out.

- - -

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