Sunday, May 15, 2011

Garage sale find

To me, garage sales are much like shopping at Goodwill or TJMaxx.

My heart starts beating very fast, my head reels, and I loathe the idea of someone getting THE deal of the day before me.

If you ever wanted to accuse me of being competitive, now would be the time.

My OCD prevents me from having the patience to actually garage sale shop. What a waste of time if I don't find JUST what I am looking for.

In perfect form, I only hit the houses that are within approximately 10 steps from my own.

I scored some clothes for me and Audrey... some Banana Republic wedges only worn a couple of times... and this! 

A Polaroid from about 1974 for $1.00

Super tacky as you would expect from something in the 70's, yet very cool.

Now, what to do with it?

I could sell it on eBay for about $40-50, but that is not why I bought it. I wanted to make it pretty, if that is even possible, and display it somewhere.

What do you suggest? Sell or display?

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